Comprehensive Eye Exams

Updating your prescriptions is only one benefit of routine eye exams. Around 200 medical diseases can be discovered through eye exams, which most people are unaware of. Make an annual eye exam an integral part of your healthcare routine, regardless of whether your vision appears to be stable or acceptable. Think of it as a "physical" for your eyes.

Examination: Our eye exams include an in-depth review of your medical and ocular history, assessment of your corneal surface and eye pressure, determination of your visual acuity and prescription, neurological evaluation, and thorough internal and exterior ocular health check.

Disease Assessment: You will also have a detailed evaluation for a variety of eye conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and retinal vascular diseases including diabetic retinopathy. Similar to other disorders, early detection and good care from your eye doctor can improve your health and wellbeing overall as well as your eyesight. To get a wide-field view of your retina, we provide digital retinal imaging through Optos. Pictures from one year to the next might be examined to find potential problems that could otherwise go undiscovered.

Computer Vision Syndrome: Nowadays, the majority of jobs involve ongoing computer use. If so, it's possible that you have Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms (CVS). Headaches, drowsiness, stress, or burning eyes, difficulty focusing, blurred or double vision, and even shoulder and neck pain are all possible signs of CVS. In this situation, we might recommend particular lenses to improve your computer vision and comfort.

Introducing Optomap + FA + OCT: Optomap is a tool that assists us in the evaluation of your retina. It's a non-invasive, digital image of the back of your eye that may aid us in confirming a healthy retina OR diagnose any potentially harmful diseases. Autofluorescence (B&W image above) is the concept of using naturally occurring autofluorescence from the retina to provide an indicator of outer retinal health. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a high-resolution, cross sectional image (image above) of the retina. It is analogous to an ultrasound but uses light to compose the image.

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